Business Centre

In the direct centre of Kosovska Mitrovica we have built a modern business centre Northcity. The materials used for the construction are modern and, additionally, air conditioning, Internet, central heating and similar systems are included in the installation. Our aim is to satisfy, via NORTHCITY, modern expectations of doing business and shopping and other factors that come along. The business centre itself contains premises of different square meters, offices, sanitary rooms and two nicely decorated entries to the business centre. A café, hairdressing and beauty salon and many other shops are located in the centre itself. If you want to advance your business, raise it at a higher level and you need stable conditions for doing business and advancing, we are your partners. The business centre Northcity aspires to become a place of events, meetings and gathering of people. The premises differentiate in their size and satisfy all conditions of doing business in a modern way. The price is €8-€12 per m2.