The restaurant “No1” is rightfully known as the best restaurant of Kosovska Mitrovica. It received its name because of the incredible interior reproduction of a Serbian house from the beginning of the 20-century. The authenticity of the ambient is decorated with abundance of original objects that have been looked after in whole Kosovo and Metohija. Since they have been saved from destruction and oblivion, the ambient they are decorating has become a small museum of our culture and tradition, which is especially interesting to foreigners. The fact that the restaurant is located in the urban environment of Kosovska Mitrvica contributes to its glamour. The always-friendly householder, chef cook, and staff of the restaurant show with their cordiality the real values of a Serbian host. Besides international cuisine, the restaurant offers traditional and authentic Serbian cuisine, wine from Decani and wide range of other beverages. Meatless meals and dishes to order are considered. Enjoy your food and top ambient. The restaurant “No1” has been two decades at your disposal.